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The future of the workforce are creators. That is my working thesis. To prove this, I am on a quest to create. It is no secret that the future workforce is uncertain. Technology is constantly changing the way we work. Whether it is imports from other countries, workforce pressure from immigrant labor or technology taking over jobs the future jobs are uncertain.

It is part of the evolution of the workforce.

Industrialization has changed the way we work. Each time new concepts or new trade agreements are introduced the nature of work changes.

Robots are the latest threat. Computer algorithms can do the manual work. But algorithms have one limitation - the lack of creativity.

A computer cannot create.

This is where the future of the workforce lies - creators.

A computer can write a novel. But the novel will be just a bunch of words without life in them. A computer can produce a picture it would lack style. A computer can make movie, but the movie would lack the uniqueness of the human touch. A computer can design a bridge or building, but only an architect can give it the look that makes us stop and look at it. A computer can put musical sounds together but only a musician can deliver the music that soothes our souls or makes us jump in glee.

A computer can make things that lack life.

Only a human can create out of nothing.

Those that create are the future of the workforce.

Who are the creators?

They are the architects, the artists, the computer coders, the dreamers, the engineers, the musicians, the photographers, photographers, the scientists, the writers and anyone that envisions something new and makes it happen.

We cannot stop the future; we can only adopt to it.

The creators are the future.

All the words, graphics, videos and computer coding on this site is created by me.

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