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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

I want to keep everything simple so I will skip the legalese.

I value your privacy. I have no interest in selling or trading your personal information. Therefore, I will not sell nor trade your personal information.

That said, there are certain things that I must do to make the website work for my visitors. To do so, this is what I will do with your personal information.

  • I am using Google tracking beacons to see details of where my visitors come from and how they arrive at the site. This helps me improve the site and its content. It also allows me to fix any problems the website may have or develop. The information that I track is aggregate in nature and may include your IP address.
  • Sometimes I offer links to other websites like Amazon. I cannot be responsible for the privacy activities of the third-party websites. Please review the privacy policies of the websites you visit when you leave my site.
  • I will not abuse the trust you put in me by sharing your email address with me. I will use your email address to send you occasional emails about my adventures and updates to the website. You have the right to unsubscribe at anytime and for any reason.
  • I do not store any credit card information. Any financial transactions are handled by third-party websites who take the responsibility to properly handle your financial information.
  • Any communications you send me will be held in confidence unless you, the sender, gives me permission to share it.
  • The only time I would release any personal information is if I am directed by to do so by a formal legal process or to protect the integrity of my intellectual property and to ensure the proper operations of my website.