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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

I want to keep everything simple so I will skip the legalese.

You are free to visit my website and consume its content, i.e. images, media and text.

By visiting my website, you agree to abide by the rules I set out herein.

You agree that I can make any changes to my terms of service at any time. I will let you know I updated my conditions by posting the date of the last update on here. You agree that your continued use of my website signifies that you agree to my updated conditions of use.

My website is intended only for those visitors who are 18-years or older. If you are not 18, you must get permission from your parents or guardians to continue to use my website.

You may share my content by linking to the website or by using the media, provided you always acknowledge that the content belongs to me. You may not modify the content in anyway. You must include the URL: every time you use my content.

You may not interfere with my website or its content through any illegal means.

You may not use my content for any illegal activities.

You agree that I make no promises, nor do I offer any warranties on this website. Anything that you use or attempt to duplicate from my website is at your own risk and I do not accept any liability whether implied or not.

You also agree that any products, or the installation thereof, that I discuss on my website or you view on my website are for illustrative purposes only and that I do not offer any warranties any use, purchase or installation of anything you see on my website are at your own risk alone.

You agree to hold me harmless for any losses, damages, or any other problems you may encounter using my website.

You agree that any judicial action must be performed and filed under the laws of the State of Florida.

You agree that if I do not enforce any provision of this agreement or if any provision is found to not be enforceable, the rest of the agreement remains in place and is enforceable.

You agree that these Terms of Service, along with the accompanying Privacy Statement, are the only governing documents for the use of my website.