The Border Bandit Expedition Vehicle

The Border Bandit Jeep is a 2018 Jeep Wranger JL Pumpk'n Orange that I am building into an expedition vehicle.

Hola, my name is Martín Paredes and I am an immigrant from México. I own a technology company, Cognent, where I provide online services to my clients. I like to create. At work, I build Apps and websites. I also write regular columns about public policy issues in El Paso, Texas on El Paso News. For fun, I like to create digital art. Check out my portfolio for some samples of my work. I also write books about The Drug War.

The Border Bandit Expedition Vehicle

Since 2019, when I purchased my Jeep Wrangler JL, I have been building it into an expedition vehicle to use for exploration. The pandemic and the economy slowed the process somewhat. As a result, the build has taken longer than I expected. But I have steadily been making progress. The Border Bandit has a full suite of navigation, communications, including amateur radios and other electronics. Hit me up on the amateur bands - N4MEX. I regularly monitor the East Coast Reflector and I am looking into getting into HF as time permits.

What is this site about? For now, it is a landing page for the Border Bandit Expedition Vehicle. When time permits, I will be updating the page with information about my expedition build, including equipment, how I did it and everything in between. In time I'll be adding multimedia and write ups about the place I explore with the Jeep.

Curious to learn more about me? I publish a newsletter called the Bandit Bytes where I send out occasional and infrequent emails sharing my latest digital art, the book I am currently writing, or updates on my Border Bandit Jeep project. Bandit Bytes is intended as an occasional newsletter to stay in touch and update my friends about what I am up to. I also plan to offer my unique perspective on the 2024 national elections, about immigration and border politics as a Mexican citizen living in America. If any of this interests you than I encourage you to sign up for Border Bytes. In addition to promising to keep you personal information confidential I also promise to bring you unique content you will not find anywhere else. Use this link to sign up today!